Welcome to the 6th Season of SCYL

Welcome to the 6th season of the

Smyrna-Clayton Youth Lacrosse League!


Register today! If you paid and did not receive a refund, we have that information.  Please move past the payment section in the portal.  You will have to renew your membership to US Lacrosse for insurance purposes.

We are excited to announce SCYL has joined the Eastern Shore Youth Lacrosse League. 

If you have not done so already, please download Smyrna/Clayton Youth Lacrosse on Team App.  If you do not have Team App, download that first.  Then search for Smyrna/Clayton Youth L ok acrosse.  Within the team, please subscribe to the team that is associated with your athlete(s). 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U. Please also like our page on Facebook - Smyrna/Clayton Youth Lacrosse

Our first practice will be March 2nd. 5:15.  All teams will be practicing that day and time.  

Please put a tape on your athlete's helmet with their name (last name, nickname... whatever you would like your athlete to be called), The coaches will get to know their helmets and won't see much of their faces.

Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season.  We will start at 5:15 and go until it is dark. If you are late early in the season, we understand. Daylight savings will extend practices and we can start a little later. The coaches will communicate times for practices throughout the season through Team App.  Games are on SATURDAYS.  The coaches may practice on Sundays too until games begin.  AGAIN... the coaches will communicate this through team app. All practices will be at Clayton Intermediate School. It tends to be windy there.  Please dress your athletes in layers.  The first few practices will be chilly and it does snow here in March... let's hope this year is different. Running will be on the agenda for the first few practices.  Be forewarned. This is a sport that requires stamina and the coaches will prepare your athletes for the game. 

Items to bring/wear to all practices-

chest protector

mouth piece

cleats (not metals)


elbow pads



cups are recommended

We are accepting sponsorships also.  Please let us know if you need that information. 

See everyone soon! Let's gooooo!  #allittakesisallyouvegot

The Board


SCYL Elite HS Travel Team

This year SCYL Elite HS School Travel team will be participating in the Big Kahuna on 7/18-7/19 and another lacrosse tournament later in the summer or fall. Our budget allows for one tournament at the moment and once those who opted out of fundraising submit payments then we will add a tournament in beginning of August, depending on availability, or in Fall of 2020. As of now, it is looking like Summer Exposure on 8/1/2020. As a coaching staff, we've decided to keep tournaments under a two hour drive to avoid having families deal with hotel costs. 

For the Big Kahuna, our current 2020s will be allowed to play. That will be the only tournament the graduated seniors will be eligible for but can participate in DE Turf Summer League. Practices are being finalized but most likely Wednesday evenings but location is to be determined due to school campus not being open at the moment. Practices will be open for everyone in the Smyrna Lacrosse Program (DE Turf Team) and SCYL Elite. They will be sent out via our social media pages and emails submitted during registration. Players particpating must register via our website and HAVE VALID US LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP to practice and play in tournaments. This is a seperate cost and must be done through the US Lacrosse website via our page or link below. During registration, US Lacrosse Membership ID# is required to sign-up.

Cost Breakdown(System will show 'base cost of 0' please pay appropriate fee as indicated below):

  • Class of 2020: $100 for Big Kahuna
  • Underclassman whom did not fundarise: $200
  • Those who fundraised: no fee but donations encouraged

If tournament(s) is to be cancelled, money will be credited to the following year's tournaments/player fees. If they are seniors, we'd ask for it to be a donation but if requested could be reimbursed. 



SCYL ELite Coaching Staff

IG: scyl_elite

Twitter: @EliteScyl

email: mzulkowski@icloud.com

by posted 06/16/2020
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